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Kleenoil will keep you trucking

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Time is money!  This saying is especially true for the transportation industry.


It is not only important to keep your buses or trucks moving, but to do so efficiently and with lower maintenance costs.


Kleenoil Filtration ensures your engine oil is super clean, resulting in less engine wear.  Less engine wear means less repairs and less downtime.

Frito-Lay Leverages Kleenoil To Achieve Competitive Edge

Frito-Lay has one of the largest private fleets in the United States and is consistently recognized as a trailblazer for their implementation of innovative, sustainable technology. 

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Frito-Lay began installing Kleenoil Filtration systems in 2008 on their fleet of over the road trucks in the United States. Prior to installing Kleenoil on their 1600 diesel truck fleet, Frito-Lay changed their engine oil every 20,000 miles.

After installing Kleenoil, Frito Lay only changes their oil every 180,000 miles and their Kleenoil filter every 60,000 miles.

By avoiding 9 oil changes on 1600 trucks a year,  Frito-Lay has saved millions of dollars over the past decade with Kleenoil. Additionally, Frito-Lay has reduced their oil usage substantially. 

Kleenoil filtration system passes only a small portion of the total oil flow through a very dense filter cartridge at rate between 2 and 3 quarts per minute.  At this slower speed, it is possible to remove particles down to 1 micron (3 absolute) and remove 99.95% of all water, greatly decreasing engine wear and prolonging oil life.

Kleenoil’s technology works on:

  • Engine Oil
  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Transmission Fluid


  • Fewer Expensive Repairs
  • Less Downtime
  • Cut Oil Costs by 80%
  • Save $250 Each Month per Piece


What Others Say About Us

Three years ago, I introduced the Kleenoil Filter system into the Garry Mercer Trucking Fleet. My main purpose in doing so was to extend our oil change intervals, and reduce our oil usage without compromising the engine life.

To do this we started out by conducting a few tests. In our first test, we changed the Kleenoil filter every 30,000 km but left the engine oil in, and the filter on. We found we were able to run the oil up to 140,000 km without any problems. We still now only change the Kleenoil filter cartridge every 30,000 km and leave the engine oil filter on for the life of the oil at 100,000 km. This number was set by myself from the 140,000 km due to my precautions toward the engine and the potential wear.

As we conducted our tests we monitored the samples through Wear Check Oil. Together with Garry Mercer Trucking, they still play a large role in the operation of the Kleenoil System program. With Wear Check we sample the oil every other service at 60,000 km.

With using this system we have found positive results from different areas. We had an engine apart at 1,500,000 km and once we dropped the rod and main bearings we found that the bearings were still good and able to stay in service. The Kleenoil System has been compatible with both Shell Rotella 15W40 and Castrol Hypuron S 15W40 oils, and both have shown better results with the program than previously without. We have also tried to run the extended oil drain without using the Kleenoil System but found they were only able to extend to 60,000 km before samples showed signs of wear.

The Kleenoil System has given our technicians more time to concentrate on other areas of the units because of its success. The program has also saved us a great deal of money on engine oil without compromising the engine life. The system is easy to install and easy to maintain. It is my opinion that the Kleenoil System will not only save your company money and maintenance costs but help to protect the environment as well.

Brian Tower, Service Manager, Garry Mercer Trucking Inc


Backed with a lifetime warranty and money-back guarantee, the Kleenoil Bypass Micro-Filtration System has been 3rd party tested and proven to extend the life of your oil up to 5x and up to 10x for hydraulic oil.