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Kleenoil Combats Contamination and Condensation

In the solid waste industry downtime is not an option!  Solid waste trucks are required to work every day.  These trucks start and stop hundreds of times a day, while working in dirty conditions. Working in these harsh environments can result in major contamination in the truck’s engine oil. This contamination can cause wear on important engine components.

Contamination into the transmission fluid can destroy transmissions resulting in costly repairs and downtime.

Solid Waste trucks lift and compact which puts pressure on their hydraulic systems.  Hydraulic fluid often becomes contaminated or acquires moisture from condensation.  This influx of dirt and water can destroy pump seals and other important parts.

The Kleenoil Micro Filtration System can help to combat contamination by removing 99.5 % of moisture in engines, transmissions and hydraulic systems.

COH Truck

The City of Houston, Texas - Solid Waste has drastically reduced their repair and downtime with Kleenoil. Previous to installing Kleenoil, the City of Houston - Solid Waste was changing their oil at 6 week intervals. They now change the Kleenoil cartridge quarterly and engine oil only once a year. 

Kleenoil filtration system passes only a small portion of the total oil flow through a very dense filter cartridge at rate between 2 and 3 quarts per minute.  At this slower speed, it is possible to remove particles down to 1 micron (3 absolute) and remove 99.95% of all water, greatly decreasing engine wear and prolonging oil life.

Kleenoil’s technology works on:

  • Engine Oil
  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Transmission Fluid

Recommendation - Install Kleenoil Now!

  • Fewer Expensive Repairs
  • Less Downtime
  • Cut Oil Costs by 80%
  • SAVE $4000 PER SOLID WASTE TRUCK, PER YEAR!!!                   



What Others Say About Us

"As a leader in the excavation industry we are always looking for ways to improve business processes. Our Business Process Improvement department, developed in September 2006, takes a 360 degree view of current processes and suggests improvements. We partner with organizations that see the big picture and take the time to understand business objectives.

Kleenoil came to us in January of 2007, asking questions about our entire program. Their first concern was to gain a comprehensive understanding of our entire fluid program. The partnership flourished and has proven to be one of the most successful to date. The program started with a complete analysis of our oil program. Bulk tanks, lube trucks, and equipment were surveyed to establish baseline data. Kleenoil came to us with solutions based on factual data. They consulted with us every step of the way to create an all encompassing program.

The program has successfully tripled the drain extensions of our over-the-road equipment. Our mechanics spend more time addressing mechanical or D.O.T. issues rather than changing oil. Factual data showed off-the-road extensions could be doubled within the first six months of the evaluation. We have implemented the change and continue to evaluate.

Our off-the-road goal is to establish a thousand hours interval, changing oil twice a year unless dictated by analysis. When building a relationship with Kleenoil you get more than a vendor. You get a consultative group who makes a difference. Our relationship has proven to save hundreds of thousands of dollars and continues to grow. We at Rodman would strongly suggest establishing a rapport with Kleenoil."

Shawn Schneider, Manager, Process Improvement, Rodman, LLC – Fleet Services, Frisco, Texas


Backed with a lifetime warranty and money-back guarantee, the Kleenoil Bypass Micro-Filtration System has been 3rd party tested and proven to extend the life of your oil up to 5x and up to 10x for hydraulic oil.