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Third Party Testing

Kleenoil Filtration completed third-party testing by Southwest Research Institute, one of the oldest and largest independent, research organizations in the United States.

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Test Objective

To measure the effectiveness of Kleenoil Filtration in cleaning dirty hydraulic fluid.


Test Procedures

SwRI designed a drawdown test to simulate filtration capability. The stand was charged with 120 L of MIL-H-5606 hydraulic fluid.

To simulate field-contaminated fluid, the system was dosed with 843.6 mg of ISO A-3 Medium Test Dust to achieve a fluid cleanliness of 23/18 per ISO 4406.

The system was put on a recirculation loop with a constant bypass flow of 3 quarts per minute. The test was run for 6 hours with particle count measurements of the fluid taken every 30 minutes.

Test Results


The performance of the Kleenoil Filtration System and Filter are displayed in the table below. Fluid cleanliness levels are measured in microns. For reference, a human hair is 75 microns.

The results illustrate that within 6 hours of the Kleenoil filtration, the hydraulic fluids' ISO 4406 Cleanliness Code Levels improved significantly from 23/18 to 14/11. This suggest Kleenoil was effective at removing both large (14μm) and small (6μm) contaminants.

Screen Shot 2020-01-11 at 12.09.48 PM
Drawdown test