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What if Oil Contamination was no longer a threat to your fleet?






Find out how KleenOil Filtration has become a Secret Weapon for Fleet Managers at combating oil contamination and preventing catastrophic failures



KleenOil Filtration Combats Contamination

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The Kleenoil Bypass Micro-filtration System is installed to filter the fluid whenever there is oil pressure.

Our unique design allows the water to be extracted from the fluid and still allows the larger oil molecules to pass through unchanged. The dirt and wear particles are trapped in the filter giving you a continuous self-contained recycling system.

  • Removes particles down to 1 micron
  • Removes 99.95% of all water
  • Extends oil life up to 5x 

Changing the Kleenoil Filter Cartridge takes much less time than a conventional oil change, and can be done in less than 10 minutes!


Extend Your Oil Life Up to 5x

With the Kleenoil Bypass Micro-Filtration System, 99.95% of water is removed, oil life is extended, and consumption is reduced up to 80%. 

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Minimal Service with Continual Protection

Applicable for a variety of industries

A cost-effective and energy-conscious solution, the Kleenoil Bypass Filter is effective for internal combustion engines, hydraulic applications and automatic transmissions in the construction, trucking, oil field, transit, hydraulics, marine, OEM, mining, military, city-municipality-public works, agriculture, automotive, and power generating industries.

Kleenoil Customers

"The Kleenoil System has given our technicians more time to concentrate on other areas of the units because of its success. The program has also saved us a great deal of money on engine oil without compromising the engine life. The system is easy to install and easy to maintain."

Brian Tower
Service Manager, Garry Mercer Trucking Inc.

"Prior to installing the Kleenoil filter, we used to change the main and rod bearings on our Tandem Milk Trucks at approximately 200,000 kilometers due to the effect of the liquid load shifting band forth in the tank with no baffles. Now we do not bother to check the bearings until we do an in frame because there is very little wear on them."

Glen MacDonald
Villeneuve Tank Lines

"Rental equipment often has a very hard life since it is not always possible to adhere to regular service intervals. As a result, we found that we had to carry out major repairs to some of our engines every year. However, since we fitted our fleet with these filters, we have not had to re-build a single engine and, as you can imagine, this represents a considerable savings to our organization."

Randy Speaker
CRS Contractors Rental Supply

"To date, we have over 100 Kleenoil systems installed on engines, hydraulics and transmissions….Our largest benefit from the use of the Kleenoil system is the dramatic increase in component life, and the decrease in downtime...There has not been any oil related engine failure on the engine that has had the Kleenoil system installed. We have just recently had to rebuild the John Deere engine and were surprised when we were told that the crankshaft did not have any wear and did not have to be turned. This engine has 19,000 hours on it."

Gerry King
Drain Brothers Excavating Limited

We currently have a third of our 100+ unit fleet installed and intend to fit to all of our equipment with Kleenoil.  These units are easily installed and have already paid for themselves.  We have cut oil consumption by 80%.  Over the life of a truck, we will cut our PM oil related expenses down to way less than half and benefit to an even greater degree with extended engine life by running super-cleared oil all of the time.  We now have peace of mind knowing that our engines are running on the cleanest oil possible and we are enjoying the greatly reduced costs of running Kleenoil, and we are now a 'Green Company'."

Weldon Ratiff
Owner, Ratliff Ready Mix

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Backed with a lifetime warranty and money-back guarantee, the Kleenoil Bypass Micro-Filtration System has been 3rd party tested and proven to extend the life of your oil up to 5x and up to 10x for hydraulic oil.