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KleenOil Filtration

How Is KleenOil different from traditional oil filters?

Kleenoil is an onboard bypass filtration system that passes your oil through at a rate of 2-3 quarts per minute through our dense filter.

  • KleenOil removes contaminants down to 1 micron (3 absolute).
  • With consistently clean oil, you can extend your oil drain interval by 5 times. 
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How to Get Started with KleenOil?

Kleenoil Now starts each prospective Kleenoil customer with a Pilot Program.

  • The objective of the Pilot Program is for you to become confident in the effectiveness of Kleenoil Filtration on their fleet.
  • We want you to believe in the Kleenoil Product. 

Kleenoil Pilot Program

1. Define "Success"

We first meet to define what a successful result means for your fleet.

For example:

  • Extending oil drain intervals 
  • Achieving a specific ISO Oil Cleanliness Code level

2. Select Pilot Equipment 

  • You select a handful of equipment and we install Kleenoil Filtration on.
  • If your fleet includes are variety of equipment, we recommend selecting a variety including installing on Engine and/or Hydraulic. 

3. Obtain Oil Samples

  • Oil samples are collected on a monthly basis on your equipment and sent to a third-party (Wear-Check) to be analyzed.
  • We then review the results with you and compare to your success criteria. 
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